Conservation is the act of preserving, guarding, or protecting; the keeping of something in a safe or entire state; preservation. The East Mississippi Foothills Land Trust is a local conservation land trust established to provide a way for landowners who have land with scenic, historic, or cultural value to set aside the property for prosperity. More specifically, land trusts are private non-profit conservation organizations that are qualified to accept voluntary
“conservation agreements” and hold land in trust at the landowner’s request. Our organization was established in November 2003, and we have focused a lot of money and effort into the preservation of the Chunky River. The Chunky has been named a “Scenic Stream” by the State of Mississippi and has great potential as a recreational resource. Our goal is to establish a buffer zone along both sides of the 26-mile stretch of river that is included in the scenic streams program. Conservation Agreements are entirely voluntary. The landowner retains ownership of the property and continues use of the property with certain restrictions as agreed upon in the agreement. The terms of an agreement are flexible and can be tailored to fit the landowner’s requirements. The benefits to the landowners are many - one is the satisfaction of knowing your wishes for your land will be followed after death. Another benefit is that adjacent property values usually go up as a result of protecting scenic areas. Download and print our Landowner's Packet HERE. This document includes an application for an agreement, letter to landowners, facts, and criteria for evaluation proposals for land protection.
Taking the steps to preserve Mississippi resources for future generations. EAST MISSISSIPPI FOOTHILLS LAND TRUST
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